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March 21, 2010


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the article. I was thinking about co-creation of value and your last paragraph. Based on SDL customers are always involved in the process of value creation. Customers are the one who uses product or service to get his job done, so he is involved in the process. Like using iPhone or .... However, They would not be always involve in the co-creation of the voice of customer. I think co-creation here means the co-creation of the voice of customer. Am I right?

Kind Regards,


Hi Daniel
thanks for your comments. How are you defining a platform?


Intersting thoughts however please let me provoke some of them

1) ever thought about co-creation that can exist without a platform
2) that agent create together with apple the platform and not after on it
3) that you need to have off and online events with agents to stimulate them in the ci-creation process



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