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March 10, 2009


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debbie chaplo

My daughter was asked a question at school....Why is it difficult to identify a truly new innovation that is marketable? please help


Hi Ed
Thanks for your comment and question.

I would characterise ODI as a process add-on that provides new units of analysis or opportunity to do the majority of the innovation job more effectively.

Its a front-end add-on to pre-development innovation activities (hence our definition above). It provides alternative more robust, less ambiguous units of analysis / opportunity or inputs for innovation strategy formulation, market sizing / segmentation, concept generation, pipeline review, positioning etc etc. - all downstream activities.

Gary Hamel says in Management Innovation that companies perenially struggle to balance creativity with discipline. We argue that having the right units of analysis for creativity is key to achieving this balance. Existing creative activities need not be replaced - just focused on known opportunties. ODI permits this shift from invention / idea-first to needs-first -with the needs stated very explicitly and independent of current technologies / solutions.

Some more on pur views on the flaws of idea-first thinking can be found here: http://www.strategyn.co.uk/Newsletter/The%20flaws%20of%20idea-first%20thinking.asp

Very happy to connect and explain more..

best rgds


Edward Savage

Hi Chris,

Interesting flyer. Would you consider innovation a separate process to be managed?

I ask because I have found resistance to "Innovation", seen as a BIG change, but far less resistance to "tools to help you do your job better" seen as a little change.

This document challenges a few of the preconceptions around what innovation is, and that is great. It does leave the impression that to become an innovation organisation it requires a discontinuous event (an architecture!) that has to be brought in as opposed to everyday changes in behaviour.

How would you characterise the implementation of the ODI process? Does it build on current practices or replace them?

Thanks for the post. Made me think!


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