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May 19, 2006


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» “Customer-Made” is Lead User on Speed from Futurelab's Blog
by: Chris Lawer I read Trendwatchings beautifully presented summary of the Co-Creation trend, which they call Customer-Made. Its terrific that Rainier and his team are putting co-creation right at the top as their most important bus... [Read More]

» Trendwatching report on businesses and co-creation from Putting people first
Trendwatching has just published a customer-made update, exactly one year after their last coverage, with new insights and hands-on examples of firms already profiting from co-creating with their customers. They define co-creation as the phen... [Read More]

» Links Du Jour 05-31-06 from Strategic Name Development Product Naming Blog
The end of the jpeg? - Microsoft wants to get rid of the ubiquitous .jpeg and replace it with a new format called Windows Media Photo (WMP). WMP? I sometimes think Microsoft must botch their product naming on purpose. "Customer Made" is lead user in s... [Read More]


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