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August 12, 2005


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» How can firms co-create knowledge with their customers? from Customer Experience Strategy
Anyone who reads my blog knows what a huge proponent I am of businesses co-creating value with their customers. I believe co-creation is one of the biggest drivers of business value and competitive advantage in the wired economy. In Chris Lawer̵... [Read More]

» Chris Lawer on how firms can co-create knowledge with their customers from Putting people first
In his blog Chris Lawer of The OMC Group just posted a copy of the presentation he gave to the research panel at Cranfield University School of Management. The pdf paper defines the story of co-creation, explores his research question, presents a conce... [Read More]

» How can firms co-create knowledge with their customers? from cph127
Chris Lawer did a presentation few weeks ago – I can recommend his insights very much. I agree with him when saying:Co-creation is the process of creating mutual firm and customer value onan ongoing basis.He is in the search for [Read More]


Marketing Headhunter

Excellent presentation. Slide 16 is especially elegant.

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